Floral Acrylic Painting and Art Scarves

This floral acrylic painting on canvas is a diversion from digital and graphic work of late. Titled Storm Flowers, the painting is slightly abstract, created in lots of layers. The piece is mid size at 12 X 12 inches.

Getting my hands messy in paint is great inspiration for other less messy art projects like these new graphic patterns. Have a peek at my new designs on scarves:

Combining flowers and birds, White Birds on Magenta and Blue has deep magenta and purple combined with bright saturated blue, all offset by crisp white bird silhouettes.

In rustic browns, Autumn Maple Leaves has a muted and modern repeat pattern of the very Canadian symbol, the Maple Leaf.
Can you see the kitties? Mint Chocolate Cats is a subtle design featuring chocolate brown cat silhouettes on a background of pale minty green. Just because.

There is more to see in the Science Geek section as well, including cool Lab Safety designs, so pop over to my shop to see what's new. Cheers!

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