Hand Embroidery Art Quilt

Exuberant, approximately 16 X 16 inches, is an art quilt with a wonky shape and lots of color. Created on a base fabric that is hand painted, the piece has hand embroidery, touches of additional paint and is quilted by machine. It's an expansive celebration of texture, color and surface design, inspired by a stitching and quilting method developed by Fiber Artist Carol Ann Waugh.

The art quilt is my take on the book and online course (affiliate linkStupendous Stitching taught by Carol Ann Waugh at Craftsy.

I think what really enhances my piece is the hand stitching. I made great use of The Embroidery Stitch Bible to find a variety of cool stitches.

It's a small coil bound book, easy to use with photographs of the completed stitch and step by step instructions.
And invaluable resource for adding details to this project.
This art quilt has french knots, satin stitch, fly stitch, seed stitch and many more. Such fun!

Looking to make your own? Try the Stupendous Stitching course. I highly recommend it. Taught by a warm, engaging, encouraging and interactive Fiber Artist, this course is a real treat. I give it 5 stars and a french knot!
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