Crochet Granny Square Flower Blanket

Granny square blankets are great to crochet because they are created square by square, making them portable and easy to work on bit by bit. This blanket has 80 squares total making it a great mid-size throw.

The squares were connected using join-as-you-go style crochet (with white yarn) with a border added (in aqua) using simple picot stitches.

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Looking for crochet square ideas? Here are some highly recommended suggestions:
Check out 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton. It's a beautiful, well organized collection of blocks that plays with both design and colour.

And for amazing vintage Grannies, check out Granny Squares: 20 crochet projects with a vintage vibe by Susan Pinner. Adorable projects and beginner friendly too. This book uses UK crochet terms, just check the end of this post for a handy conversion chart that makes it easy to use no matter your preferred system.

As for my blanket, the granny squares are fairly straightforward, very quick and easy to crochet.
The circular pattern of the first three rounds have a definite flower look to them, providing lots of options for mixing yarn colors.

The pattern for the lovely block that made my throw is called Little Circle Square which can be found on the project page for this blanket on knit and crochet site Ravelry (another great place to find crochet square designs). A quick browse of the dozens of projects folks have crochet from this pattern show the endless possibilities that can be created from this simple design. One of the amazing things about crochet is the creative expression, and one granny square always leads to another. And another.

Update: More granny squares made from this pattern in this post.

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P.S. Here is a conversion chart with international symbols. Hope it helps!

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