A Bricolage of Paint, Fabric and Colour

peaceofpi studio is the creative workplace of JoMo, a Canadian artist creating abstract paintings and mixed media stitched art.

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Both Paintings and Stitch explore birds and the abstracted landscape, using layers of colour and texture.

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Floral and Bird Paintings

Two themes continue to emerge in the studio, abstract flowers and fun folk art birds.  Here's a roundup of some recent paintings:
Wildflowers Growing by the Fence, 11 X 14 inches, mixed media on canvas
Rainy Day Flowers, 20 X 20 inches, acrylic on canvas
Fledglings, 24 X 30 inches, acrylic on canvas

Imaginary Garden Wildflower Paintings

Loads of abstract wildflower paintings in several sizes, each an imaginary garden in bloom. First up is one of the largest:
At 24 X 24 inches, Blossoms in the Wind features a soft sage green background and big bright blossoms and flower buds.

Trust Your Gut Stitched Art Quilt

This little stitched reminder features heavy free-motion stitching and beaded letters.

We Are Connected: Geometric Abstract Paintings

Three new paintings, part of a series titled: Connected. 
We All Fit Together, 20 X 20 inches, in acrylic on canvas is the first. Exploring interconnectedness, these abstract paintings are a celebration of how we, as people, are both unique and special individuals while also being connected, linked and part of a whole. Prints of this painting are available at pixels - abstract art prints and in my shop

Acrylic Paintings Close Up

Sometimes there is beauty in the details, in things viewed from a different angle. Here's a few recent abstract and floral paintings in close up.