I'm Jo, an artisan in paint and stitch 
creating a joyful bricolage of paper, paint and fabric 
exploring a world of birds, vivid landscapes and possibilities.

Need to get in touch? Contact me here.

What kind of art do you make? 
Stitched Collage, Illustrations, Paintings and Soft Sculptures.

Sometimes I only draw and paint, other times its only stitch and more stitch. Often the two integrate and media is mixed. In art and craft I don't worry about shoulds, instead my focus is on being mindful, following my intuition and instincts.

Where can I buy your pieces? 

•Find Prints and More (including stickers, notebooks, t-shirts and tote bags) from my shop at Redbubble.
•And Fabric I've Designed can be purchased at Spoonflower.
•Some original pieces are available for purchase. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions or purchase info.

Which mediums do you work in? 
Paint, fabric, fiber & thread combined with pencil, paper, dye, ink, yarn, canvas, plaster, wire and wood, whatever works in the moment.

What inspires your work? Small (seemingly insignificant) things. Moments of calm, peace and contentment. Humour, laughter and playfulness.

And, I love to recommend art and craft books I have found helpful and inspiring in my creative practice. Whenever possible I encourage the buying of art and craft books to support the makers who generously share their skills and insights with others.

And now, on to the third person artist bio...

peaceofpi studio is the atelier (creative workspace) of JoMo, a Canadian artisan working in paint and stitch. Described as exciting and refreshing, her work is a joyful bricolage of paper, paint and fabric exploring a fantastical world of birds, vivid landscapes and peaceful possibilities.

Textile & Fiber Art  pieces have loose threads, uneven stitches, frayed edges and bright colors. Paintings are highly textured, created in multiple layers that observe the elegance of weathering, decay and age. Illustrations include whimsical characters and peaceful moments.

Stitched pieces combine multiple techniques including hand embroidery, machine stitching and needle felting. Paintings and illustrations are created in acrylic combined with other water soluble media. 

Works are mostly smaller scale, from 2 inches up to about 48 inches.

Studio practice is to recycle, reduce waste and be kind to the environment, using AP certified non-toxic materials, and striving to be low impact and no waste.

peaceofpi studio is located on the shores of Burrard Inlet, just outside of Vancouver, Canada.
representing over 500 artisans in 45 countries.


Penny ('97-'11)
Mr. Finn
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