Hand Beaded Embroidery Art

Starshine is a fiber art piece created in free style hand embroidery. Hand beaded for extra sparkle, it's stitched on a base of mixed fibers, needle felted to create a new fabric. It's abstract fiber art inspired by landscapes and the light and color of a clear night. 

The processes for creating this piece is beautifully demonstrated in Sheila Smith's Embellish, Stitch, Felt.

This gorgeous book is a comprehensive guide for using a needle felting machine, taking the approach that a machine felted piece is not the end result but a way to create cloth for further use and embellishment including dyeing, hand sewing, machine embroidery, beading and functional creations. A must have for felters. Even if you felt with hand needles, this book is full of luscious photos and ideas for embellishment.
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