The Secret Lives of Mice

Daisy is a brown mouse sitting on a play block.
She is a soft sculpture with green eyes and extra large lavender ears.
The block she sits on is just the right size for her bottom. But she's not sensitive about it at all. She says her bum is just right.  Below her curly tail is a red number 6 (which also happens to be her dress size).
 And on the front of the block is a green number 2 (which also happens to be the dress size she says she is...).
No matter her dress size, Daisy Mouse is small and her big ears mean she hears everything and makes a great watch-mouse.
Emmett is a grey mouse sitting on a blue number 5 play block.
The back of his block is a yellow number 1.
His body is a lovely blueish grey and his ears are antique white. He's a quiet little guy and a great listener.
Emmett likes classical music and show tunes. And David Bowie. He loves it when the volume is cranked up high.
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