Slate, Charcoal, Driftwood

A study in gray and shades of grey, this 6 X 6 abstract painting The Calm celebrates the cool that is gris.

Grey, or gray to Americans, is just Black 
with a bit of White.

But a further look shows the complexities and subtleties of this interesting non-color.

A few of the many shades of grey: Charcoal, Cadet, Glaucous, Slate, Gainsboro, Driftwood, Ash, Battleship, Taupe, Cool, Silver, Timberwolf, Gunmetal, Rain, Hippo, Quaker, Dove, Beaver, Pewter.

Known under lots of names, my look at grey has shown the wealth of possibilities. No drab or dull to be found. Just cool, very cool.
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