Felted and Stitched Budgie Birds

With a felted wool body and hand stitched feathers, this budgie is perched on a kilt pin. He is a yellow and green little bird, part of a new series of chubby stitched birds. 

This blue and grey parakeet is similar to his green friend, with orange stitching for beak and feet and a black bead for an eye. The birds are created by first needle felting wool to create the body followed by hand stitching the wings and markings. For a final touch, the birds are stitched onto their pin perches. 

More chubby birds will be joining the flock in the coming days. May the fabric and stitching continue. Onward!

The woods would be a very silent place if no birds sang except those who sang best. 

- Bernard Meltzer

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