Folk Art Bird Doodles

Take a peek at a few doodles in my recycled book journal. Folk Art Birds are appearing out of the layers of colourful paint. On this first page, pink birds are hitching a ride on the biggest of the flock.

And on this page, a lone bluebird looks fairly satisfied about something...
Wonder what the story is behind that smile and the twinkle in his eye.
And on this page, a whole family of birds is hanging out while the little bird on top checks out what is happening in the distance.

Materials Used:
Vintage book (hardcover novel)
Acrylic paints
Water soluble pencils and crayons
Micron pen
Paintbrushes, various
Palette knife

This recycled book journal is all about creative play in mixed media, the messier the paint, the crinklier the pages, the better. No rules, no mistakes!

To see doodles in progress, check out my YouTube channel.

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