Community of Figures Abstract Paintings

Check out this set of two abstract paintings, titled Community, created using layer upon layer of acrylic paint on stretched canvas. The paintings feature multiple figures, together, separate, yet united.

The first painting of the set is in landscape orientation. Both pieces are in shades of blue, from deep midnight and cyan to greener turquoise with hints of red and orange peeking through.
The second painting, that will hang to the left of the first, is in portrait orientation. Are the touches of red and orange hinting at a lush garden?
Here they are together. The paintings are medium sized at 16 X 20 inches. When hung together, a few inches apart, the set measures about 40 X 20 inches.

P.S. Do you like to see paintings and sketches progress from start to finish? Hop over to my Instagram ( my account is @peaceofpi_studio ) where I share lots of in-progress and on-my-worktable pictures.

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