Abstract Floral Wildflower Paintings

Three new semi abstract paintings inspired by flowers, specifically wildflowers that grow untamed in both rural and urban settings:
Motet, is a mixed media piece, 6 X 8 inches, created primarily in acrylic. It has so much texture which adds a wonderful grunge-y feel. And, this painting became the jumping off point for a new delicate floral pattern available from as a scarf:
Serenity Garden has a muted, faded background punctuated by bold blossoms in various shades of purple. Click the image to see this pattern and scroll down to see it on tote bags, mugs, pillows and more.

This next floral is less abstract but still fairly loose. Growing from a Crack in the Concrete is 12 X 12 inches, created using multiple layers of acrylic paint on heavy wood. The painting has a very matte finish which adds an aged and weathered quality.
Add finally, Ready to Climb the Hill, is 6 X 6 inches in soft glossy acrylic on canvas. The semi-gloss finish gets picked up by the light adding a nice shine to this cheerful abstract.

Playing around the paint palette working between realistic and abstract has been a fantastic process. Do you prefer artwork that is more abstract or more realistic? Hop over to my instagram @peaceofpi_studio to weigh in.
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