Imaginary Garden Wildflower Paintings

Loads of abstract wildflower paintings in several sizes, each an imaginary garden in bloom. First up is one of the largest:
At 24 X 24 inches, Blossoms in the Wind features a soft sage green background and big bright blossoms and flower buds.

Smaller and in deep blues, Spring Garden, 8 X 10 inches, has willowy flowers bending in the breeze.
Going large again at 20 X 20 inches is the yellow toned, Can you See the Flowers?
A small painting in acrylic on wood, Wintertime Fantasy, 8 X 8 inches, imagines flowers with ALL the colors.
Big and bold in rich greens is the semiabstract Le Jardin, 24 X 24 inches, a celebration of flowers in the wild.
And finally, a purple haze and a touch of rain surrounds these wildflowers in this 9 X 12 inch painting in acrylic on canvas board.

Bloom baby bloom!

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