Pattern: Crochet Chair Slat Back Cozies

These fun chair "socks" are easy to make! And a good stash buster as they only use a small amount of yarn. This pattern is great for beginners using only ch and sc in back loops along with whip stitch to attach. It is worked flat and then attached around the slat when completed.
My chair slats were round but this design would work on more square or oval shapes too.

Worsted or Aran weight is suggested but any weight yarn can be used. Use a hook appropriate for yarn weight. I wanted my cozies to be dense & not see-through so I used an H (5mm) hook for worsted yarn that normally calls for an I (5.5mm) hook. 

I also wanted a snug fitting sock-like cozy that wouldn't sag or slouch, so the stretchy nature of the yarn was taken into account, and I made the cozy a teeny bit smaller in both width and length than my measurements.

  1. Measure the diameter of (or distance around) your slat as well as the length. Write the measurements down for reference. (Ex. diameter=2" length=13.5")
  2. To begin, ch the diameter measurement (number of chains will vary depending on chair slat size and yarn weight Ex. for my chair using worsted weight I chained 13). The desired end result is a snug fitting cozy and this design is stretchy so err on the side of your chain being slightly smaller than the diameter measurement.
  3. In second ch from hook sc across, ch1, turn, [sc in back loops only across, ch1, turn] repeat info inside [  ] until your cozy is slightly shorter (about 1/4 to 3/8 inch) than desired length. The cozy will be a bit stretchy so making it slightly shorter will keep your cozy from being “slouchy” when attached. (See note below if your slat is tapered). Fasten off, leaving a long tail for attaching.
  4. Use tapestry needle to attach cozy to slat using long tail to whip stitch. Begin at one end (I found working top to bottom the easiest) whip stitching the cozy onto the slat tightly, being sure that each stitch catches several strands of yarn. Weave in ends.
Note: If your slat is tapered (gets smaller at one end), make your cozy gradually smaller by 2sctog once per row as necessary. 
Example: towards the top of my slat (at about the 11 inch mark if measuring up from the bottom) it was smaller in diameter. When my cozy was 11 inches long I did this: after ch1, turn, [sc in back loop, 2sctog in back loops, sc in back loops to end, ch 1 turn] in each row until my cozy was small enough in diameter then I went back to [sc in back loops only across, ch1, turn] until my desired length. Fasten off. Attach as in step 4.


If you are a Ravelry member, this project can be found here on the Ravelry pattern page.