Jo's fiber art and stitched collage is freeform and improvisational, 
created using hand and machine stitching, felting, beading, crochet and studio dyed fabrics. 

Her one of kind Fiber Art pieces combine art and fine craft. 

Jo is a contributing Artist for the book 350 Quilting Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets 
and is a member of TAFA the international Textile and Fiber Art association.

See the most recent works at her website here.

Vista Quilt, Hand Embroidery & Needle Felting (As seen in Art Quilting Studio magazine, Volume 5, Issue 2).
Fiber Art work strives to be informal. Age, distress and a timeworn aesthetic are core motifs, with peace, inner calm and authenticity as central themes.  
Sunset, Needle Felting, Machine Stitching on silk remnants, Silk Threads Series
Starshine, hand embroidery, hand beading, needle felting
Woman with an updo, part of the Profiles Series (featured in Art Quilting Studio magazine, V.6, Issue 1)
Some fiber art and quilt-y work turns to the functional and purses, pouches and bags are the result.
And Stitched Collage combines quilting with collage, journaling & mixed media.
 Bluebird Collage Quilt
Bird Stitched Collage Quilts from the series, a little bird told me 

Crow 56 Mixed Media Art Quilt
 Red-winged Blackbird Stitched Collage Art Quilt
Magpie Collage Art Quilt
Owl Mixed Media Art Quilt
Cover, Silk Book, Needle Felting and hand embroidery.
Silk Book, inside pages, machine doodle stitching.
Silk Book, inside pages, machine doodle stitching.
Grosbeak Stitched Collage, Fabric, paint, hand & machine stitching.
Stitched Heart Acrylic and stitch on wrapped canvas. 
In the Crow's Nest Mixed Media Art Quilt.
 Pensive Girl (12) Mixed Media Stitched Collage Art Quilt
Time Was Stitched Collage Art Quilt 

Torn fabric is used in many pieces:
 Red and Black Broadbill torn fabric Art Quilt
Happy Day woven torn fabric Art Quilt

Crochet work is freeform and colorful. Pieces include wall art, installations and functional items.
See more crochet work here

Art quilts are both abstract and pictorial.
Exuberance Art Quilt Hand Embroidery & Machine Stitch on painted fabric.
Violet Light, Hand Embroidery on Needle Felted mixed fibers (As seen in Art Quilting Studio magazine, Volume 5, issue 2).
 Tanager Stitched Collage Quilt
Blackbird Lessons, Mixed Media Art Quilt.
Canadian Symbols Collage Art Quilt

Quilting in extra tiny scale means the artwork is wearable as with these brooches:
 Bird Badge 3 X 3 1/3 inches.
Heart Brooch
 Bluebird Kilt Pin Brooch
Brown Bird Brooch
Red-winged Blackbird Brooch
Vegetarian Stomach Brooch
See many more brooches here.
Robin Soft Sculpture.
Profiles Series, Thread Art Silhouettes. (As seen in Art Quilting Studio Magazine, Winter 2014 issue) See the Profile Series in more detail
Morning Bird, Mixed Media. Fabric, paper, paint, machine stitch, hand embroidery.
Cottage Miniature, 2 1/2 X 2 1/2 inches. Hand embroidery, needle felting.              
Contemplation, Art Quilt.
Primary School Stitched Collage 
Violetta Bird Soft Sculpture. See More Softies
  Thistle Mini Quilt, Needle Felting & Stitch (As seen in Art Quilting Studio magazine, Volume 5, Issue 2).
Expansive, Hand Embroidery & Machine Stitch.
Little Cottage 
Dickens' Goose, Art Quilt, Mixed Media
Sheep Stitched Collage, Mixed Media.

Embroidery Rings
Stitched Orbs