What kind of art do you make?
Abstract Paintings, Stitched Collage, Art Quilts, Soft Sculptures and Doodle-y Sketches.

Sometimes it's all paint, other times it's only stitch and more stitch. Or the two media mix! In art and craft I don't worry about shoulds, I just follow my intuition and instincts.

Which mediums do you work in?
Paint, fabric, fiber & thread combined with pencil, paper, dye, ink, yarn, canvas, plaster, wire and wood, whatever works in the moment.

What kinds of threads to you use in your sewing machine?
The short answer:  I like to use polyester thread. Some brands I like are G├╝termann, Mettler and Coats & Clark. Thread preferences vary greatly, I suggest experimenting to see what works for you.  It really depends on what's available in your part of the world, the fabrics you're using and the kind of stitching or effects you're looking for.

Stitching on paper. Any tips?
You can stitch directly on paper but sometimes, especially if the paper is old, the paper will rip or fall apart. I suggest sealing the paper before stitching. Use a sponge brush and apply a thin layer of sealer. Any one of these will work: regular white glue, mod podge, soft gel or matte medium. The sealing trick works for most papers but some will still tear and disintegrate no matter what you do. Just test it out and see.

*Extra Tip: A word about sewing machines and needles: stitching on paper Dulls. Your. Needle. Once you've stitched on paper, replace your sewing machine needle before starting a new project. Your sewing machine will thank you.

What kinds of paint do you use? Which Brands?
I use Acrylic paints but also Watercolor and multiple kinds of water soluble pencils, crayons and pastels. I occasionally use soft and oil pastels too. Some brands I like for acrylic paint - Liquitex Professional, Pebeo, Amsterdam by Royal Talens and Golden. For Watersoluble media - Caran D'Ache, Stabilo, Derwent, Staedtler, Tombow. I also play with acrylic ink - Liquitex professional ink is very nice. I'm always game to try new supplies!

How to you get so much texture in your paintings?
Layers. Building up layer upon layer of colour. I usually let one layer dry before adding the next layer of paint colour (time consuming but worth it). I use more than one method/tool to apply the layers. My favourite tools for building layers are flat and round paintbrushes and palette knives. Big fan of palette knives!

How can I expand my skills?
Try things, play, experiment! And BOOKS!

I love to recommend art and craft books I have found helpful and inspiring in my creative practice. (And, BTW, my Stitched Art can be found in the fantastic book 350 Quilting Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets) Whenever possible I encourage others to buy art and craft books to support the makers who generously share their skills and insights with others. And it builds your artsy library. Woot!

Other questions? To contact me, visit my website