Folk Art Animal Watercolor Paintings

A glimpse into my art journal at a few folk art animals, beginning with doe, a deer woman. She travels with a bird, a loyal friend who follows her wherever she goes. Painted in my Moleskine Watercolor Notebook (I have the large size) these illustrations combine pencil, watercolor paints and ink.

Brown Bird Folk Art Collage Quilt

With the simplicity of Folk Art in mind this brown bird collage quilt came together. Using scraps of frayed fabric collaged and stitched in place the picture began to emerge. A book page became a wing, buttons and beads were added and a simple homey little art quilt was born.

Head over to my instagram page @peaceofpi_studio to see lots of work in progress shots as well as snapshots of my art journal play.

Bird Soft Sculpture with Drizzle Stitch Hand Embroidery

With curly little ringlets on wings, tail and crest, this soft bird is a fancy fabric fellow. The riot of curls is created in hand embroidery using a dimensional texture stitch called the drizzle stitch.

Blue Hair Girl with Birds Folk Art Painting

Here For You is a Mixed Media painting about friendship. The blue haired girl is holding a bird and another feathered friend is standing watchfully alongside. The rest of the story is up to the viewer.

Sewing a Bird Softie

Just hatched! Covered in hand stitching, this bird began as plain white fabric. Thanks to an inky dye job, she now has a colourful body and fuchsia lace wings. Bold eyes were added with paint and outline stitched in bright turquoise, bringing this stuffed bird beauty to life.
Find her on etsy.

Safety Pin Stitched Scrappy Birds

At around two inches each, these little birds are scrappy stitched brooches. The flock was made with many wee scraps of colourful fabric free-motion stitched to create an abstract patchwork body. The addition of wings, beak and bead for an eye brought each bird to life. Find them in my etsy shop.

Library Girl Folk Art Painting

Books and Birds are the theme of this mixed media painting, In the Library. It's a playful illustration with a fun sketchy quality and a loose folk art style. The painting is created in multiple layers making use of pencils, watercolor, ink and even touches of acrylic paint.

This painting is live in my shop as a print and on cool items like a greeting card, notebook, tote bag and other decor.

With her bird friends in tow, this girl is searching the shelves, making use of the ladder, and maybe even making a bit of noise.

Felted and Stitched Budgie Birds

With a felted wool body and hand stitched feathers, this budgie is perched on a kilt pin. He is a yellow and green little bird, part of a new series of chubby stitched birds. Now in in my etsy shop.
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