Torn Book Page Bird Stitched Collage

Winter is a collage combining paper, paint, fabric and stitch. The accent colors in purple and orange hint at the remnants of Autumn while the muted lighter areas suggest a cool Winter sun. The collage began with a book page. Small scraps of fabric and torn paper were glued and stitched, a bird image wad added and finally paint was applied to small areas to complete the piece. It's a mixed media meditation on the beauty of the ever changing seasons.

Felted Wool Penguin with Patchwork Fabric Tummy

The newest penguin softie born in the studio is just over 3 inches tall. He has a frayed patchwork tummy of turquoise, bright green, yellow, orange and pink fabrics with free-motion embroidery stitching.

Sewing Soft Sculpture Patchwork Birds

Sewn by both hand and machine, two bird soft sculptures with patchwork bodies.
Full of texture and colour, this bird softie is in shades of turquoise, pink, orange, green and yellow with a raw edge patchwork body and red wings. The patchwork is heavily embellished with colourful free-motion embroidery stitching in shades of blue, orange, pink and red creating a new rustic durable surface. The red wings feature feathery hand embroidery stitches in orange.

Two Cardinal Birds ACEO ATC Painting

A pair of birds painted in the collectable ACEO / ATC* format. In this painting, a red male and a peach coloured female cardinal are in a bird embrace, beaks touching. Are they kissing or sharing food? Maybe both.

Folk Art Owl Acrylic Paintings

This white owl is one of four new Folk Art Owl Paintings, each one a miniature. Created in acrylic and mixed media, the paintings are ACEO* sized.

Owl Bird Art Quilt in Paint and Stitch

Combining paint and stitch, this art quilt features a serious brown Owl.

Penguin Bird Softie of Felted Wool

Made of felted wool and mixed fabrics sewn and stuffed, this little bird is a grey penguin with a colourful belly and yellow polka dot feet.

Sewing a Painted Cloth Folk Art Doll

Made of fabric, this folk art doll has a painted face. Not yet complete, she is a work in progress made in stages. Her cloth body was sewn and stuffed, her face was painted, wool hair added and then her grey turtleneck sweater was pulled on. Now all she needs is a dress or skirt...

Sewing Bird Folk Art Dolls with Beading and Embroidery

Have a look at these little bird ornaments created in fabric and stitch. 

Sewing Kilt Pin Fabric Brooches with Crows

Two more stitched collage brooches featuring birds. A crow on teal, turquoise and orange,
and a crow on a painted fabric background in oranges and ochres. Both are topped with kilt pins for pinning onto a jacket or bag, or even to be hung on a wall with the help of a nail -

Kilt Pin Fabric Bird Brooches

Working on a few of these stitched collage artworks. First, a blackbird surrounded by hand embroidery and beads on a rainy day.
And this is a pink pigeon perched in a leafy tree. Topped with a kilt pin, these fabric pieces can be worn as a brooch, pinned onto bag or hung and displayed on a wall by aid of a nail.

Fantasy Owl Miniature ACEO Bird Painting

With his multicolored feathers and bright orange eyes, this owl has a dream-like fantasy feel. For a miniature ACEO* sized painting, his coloring is bold. Purple, orange, yellow, blue and pink are splashed across his body, accentuating his white plumage. His one of a kind owl body takes up the entire miniature canvas for a bright bold painting. This owl is one of several collectable ACEO paintings made in 2015.

*ACEO (Art Cards, Editions and Originals) or ATC (Artist Trading Cards) are miniature works of art, 2.5 X 3.5 inches (6.4cm X 8.9cm), any subject matter, any medium, the only rule is size.
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