Gull in the Water Acrylic Bird Painting

This bird painting is loosely based on the Red-billed gull of New Zealand. It's created in acrylic on wood. Playing around with palette knife and brushes the background of water and rocks came to life. The choice of purple for the rocks was not an obvious one but it seemed to communicate an interesting mood. And the transparent nature of the bird body added a mysterious quality to this imaginary aquatic scene.

Fabric Designs Full of Colour and Birds Aplenty

This Orange and Yellow Woodland Owls fabric is part of my collection available at Spoonflower. Each design is unique, full of bright color and many feature birds.

Bird Art Quilt WIP in Hand Embroidery on Wool

Take a peek at this WIP (work in progress). All the components of this art quilt from background to bird and striped wing are felted wool.

Best Books for Hand Embroidery

Looking for a creative activity that is affordable, portable and endlessly open to creative interpretation? Look no further than Hand Embroidery. There is so much to explore in terms of design, stitch and colour. Here's a selection of books on my personal stitch shelf that cover the basics and beyond.
First up is the The Embroidery Stitch Bible by Betty Barnden. Recommended for stitchers who have dipped into the threads and needles of hand embroidery but need more information and guidance, this is a small (portable!) coil bound book that is very easy to use. The stitches are divided into sections - One for "Stitches for Fabric" with 'type' subheadings - Line stitches, Chain stitches, Blanket stitches, Crossed stitches, etc. and a section for "Stitches on Canvas" with type subheadings. Also included are guidelines for counted thread, freestyle and canvaswork along with detailed instructions and descriptions for finishing. All you need.

Drawing and Painting: A Girl and a Bird

Recent days have found me immersed in drawing, sketching and painting - playing with materials from pencil and markers to watercolor and acrylic paints. The subject matter - a girl and a bird.

Flowers in the Breeze Blossoms Painting

Gently bending in the breeze, these wildflowers are standing tall. Inspired by the beautiful poppy, this flower painting is created in acrylic on wood, a reminder of quiet moments and the gentleness of a breeze.

A Girl and a Bird Art Journal Painting

In my art journal practice recently I've been drawing girls, something I have only dabbled in previously. But more and more I'm drawn to the endless complexities of faces. In this painting, a purple haired girl is making a new friend, a little red bird.

The prompt for this art journal painting was paint like an 8 year old. So in that child-like mindset, I began by limiting my palette of colours. I kept the brush strokes loose and strove to not over-do details. I also limited my time to keep the painting from becoming overworked.

Review: Best Books for Exploring Art Collage

Three diverse book recommendations on a topic near to my heart - Collage.  What exactly is Collage? Well, it's formally defined as:

noun: 1. a technique of composing a work of art by pasting on a single surface various materials not normally associated with one another, as newspaper clippings, parts of photographs, theater tickets, and fragments of an envelope.

Spoiler Alert: It's just paper and glue. Simple. Anyone can do it.
Let's start with the book that started me on that glue and paint covered art journey.
New Creative Collage Techniques by Nita Leland, is an updated and expanded version of the amazing inspiring original Creative Collage Techniques (my copy has dogged ears and more than a few glue stains). This book is an exciting gateway into Collage (it was for me), with step-by step instructions and demos to help you dive right in.
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