Gray Catbird Raw Edge Stitched Picture

A transparent gray catbird is portrayed in this stitched picture. Akin to sketching in an art journal, a fabric picture can come to life by laying down strips of torn fabric and then stitching and sketching with a sewing machine. In this piece the variegated threads add colour and the raw edges of the fabric, free to fray and unravel, add texture. And similar to a paper journal, journal quilting is an excellent process for playing, meditating and working out ideas.

Numbers Painting, Typography Series

The latest painting from the ongoing typography series includes numbers from 1 to 6. Created in acrylic on wood and inspired by both graffiti and early 20th century sign painting, this piece is one of several featuring numbers.

Red-Winged Blackbird Stitched Mixed Media Art

In a beautiful sequence of events, this artwork came to life. Torn book pages were adhered to painted fabric. The bird was sketched onto the surface (what is it...crow, thrush...?) quickly showing itself to be a red-winged blackbird. Ok. Stitching, defining, refining. Almost complete. Break. A trip to meet friends outdoors. An urban space. Concrete. And suddenly there it was - small, beautiful and almost tame. A passerine bird of the family Icteridae, a red-winged blackbird landed inches away from my feet, spent a moment or two looking around and then flew away. Beautiful. Peaceful. Mysterious. Created in layers of mixed media - painted fabric, book pages, stitch, embroidery and beading, this piece, titled Serendipity, is an example of art connecting with the everyday.

Blackbird Mixed Media Painting

On a weathered background full of grunge this urban blackbird poses for a portrait. The inspiration for this artwork comes from the variety of birds that survive and thrive in industrial spaces. The painting is created in multiple layers for plenty of texture. To build the layers a combination of mixed media materials were used including paper, glue, acrylic paint, ink and charcoal. The blackbird and his surroundings are evidence of beauty in the midst of industrial realities.

Corner to Corner Crochet Afghan C2C

This crochet afghan was created on the diagonal. While in-progress it grew larger and larger, becoming a seemingly immense triangle shaped half square, eventually levelling off to a tidy rectangle. The technique for this blanket is known as Corner to Corner or C2C. It's a simple easy pattern that is definitely worth a go, even for novice crocheters. There are several excellent video tutorials to be found online by searching "corner to corner crochet" and "C2C crochet."

Mini Quilt as You Go Purse with Embellishments

Sewn using only small pieces of fabric, this is a colourful one of a kind mini purse. With the addition of stencilling, couching and hand embroidery embellishments, the bag is both fun and functional.

Bird Sketch in Graphite and Acrylic

This bird is a quick loose sketch created on a colour washed background. It's more art journal experimentation, this time feeling out the mix of graphite and acrylic. The graphite provided interesting greys, a satisfying contrast to the bright washes of blue, pink, yellow and green acrylic paint. There's so much more to explore with graphite...

Dog Art Journal Painting

This dog portrait is something a little different, because art journals are for experimentation and play. Using a limited palette of primary colours with black and white, this painting was a chance to practice colour mixing, and having a dog as subject matter allowed for new challenges on a whole other level. Good Dog.

Brown Bird Raw Edge Patchwork Art Quilt

Gazing up into the sky, Brown Birdie is dreaming of flying high in this raw edge patchwork art quilt. Scraps of fabric, stitched down with miles and miles of sewing make up the background and tiny strips of brown and white fabric make up the feathers for the bird. He's a cute little character, dreamt up in a sketchbook and brought to life in fabric and stitch.

Torn Fabric Garden Bird Art Quilt

The bunting banner reads Happy Day on this Art Quilt that combines torn strips of hand dyed fabric. The fabric strips are woven together, creating the background for this garden featuring flowers, grass and a purple bird. The raw unraveling fabric edges add a wild untamed quality to this sewn folk art piece.

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