Hand Beaded Art Quilt Face Silhouette

How many beads went into this art quilt? Plenty! From the face in shades of pink, purple, silver, white and blue to the gray and silver beads in her granny hair and the black surround, there must be hundreds upon hundreds of individual beads in this piece. The background is comprised of torn pieces of black fabric collaged and stitched down, with frayed edges fully visible. She is a woman of age, imperfect and a little frayed while being a strong and beautiful silver sister. Even her metallic thread hair has a few stray pieces.

Painted Frayed Fabric Bird Collage Quilt

Raw edge fabric and free-motion stitching create a lush setting for In the Greenery. The art quilt is a collage of dyed fabrics with a brown bird of painted torn fabric strips. Round metallic beads in green, bronze and gold are added for a touch of glow.

Floral Acrylic Painting and Art Scarves

This floral acrylic painting on canvas is a diversion from digital and graphic work of late. Titled Storm Flowers, the painting is slightly abstract, created in lots of layers. The piece is mid size at 12 X 12 inches.

Getting my hands messy in paint is great inspiration for other less messy art projects like these new graphic patterns. Have a peek at my new designs on scarves:

Combining flowers and birds, White Birds on Magenta and Blue has deep magenta and purple combined with bright saturated blue, all offset by crisp white bird silhouettes.

Enchanted Deer Folk Art Painting

In the stacks of a library, a deer rests amongst some books. A small flock of birds stand by, ever faithful companions to the hybrid creature. Created in watercolor and water soluble crayons, this Folk Art painting continues an exploration of human-animal connections.

Who is this beast? A mythological creature from the pages of a fairy story? An enchanted human? Perhaps the answers can be found in one of the books...

Folk Art Animal Watercolor Paintings

A glimpse into my art journal at a few folk art animals, beginning with doe, a deer woman. She travels with a bird, a loyal friend who follows her wherever she goes. Painted in my Moleskine Watercolor Notebook (I have the large size) these illustrations combine pencil, watercolor paints and ink.

Brown Bird Folk Art Collage Quilt

With the simplicity of Folk Art in mind this brown bird collage quilt came together. Using scraps of frayed fabric collaged and stitched in place the picture began to emerge. A book page became a wing, buttons and beads were added and a simple homey little art quilt was born.

Head over to my instagram page @peaceofpi_studio to see lots of work in progress shots as well as snapshots of my art journal play.

Bird Soft Sculpture with Drizzle Stitch Hand Embroidery

With curly little ringlets on wings, tail and crest, this soft bird is a fancy fabric fellow. The riot of curls is created in hand embroidery using a dimensional texture stitch called the drizzle stitch.

Blue Hair Girl with Birds Folk Art Painting

Here For You is a Mixed Media painting about friendship. The blue haired girl is holding a bird and another feathered friend is standing watchfully alongside. The rest of the story is up to the viewer.
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