Ravenwood Bird Fabric

Another bit of beautiful cotton with crows from the peaceofpi fabric collection at Spoonflower.


Spring Aviary Fabric

Three fabrics in bright springtime colors are available as part of the peaceofpi fabric collection at Spoonflower.


Turquoise Linear Art Quilt

A study of color and line, Linear is an abstract Art Quilt. 


Wire and Thread Mouse Sculpture

This mouse sculpture is made of wire and thread in shades of blue and green.


Celebration of Color Abstract Painting

Celebration is an abstract painting interpreting the fun and festive colors of party decor.


Sewing Kilt Pin Fabric Brooches

One in red and one in blue, this pair of brooches with kilt pin fasteners feature faded blue birds.
Both brooches are little collages with tea dyed scrim, a tiny hand painted bird and a button.


Mouse String Soft Sculpture

His name is Panya and he is a soft sculpture mouse made of string.