A Bricolage of Paint, Fabric and Colour

peaceofpi studio is the creative workplace of JoMo, a Canadian artisan creating abstract paintings and mixed media stitched art.

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Fiber Art & Stitch

Both Paintings and  Stitch explore the abstracted landscape. Birds and Nature are continuing inspirations in all mediums.

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Tips for Hand Quilting and Embellishments

My art quilts are among many beautiful quilts of all kinds in a new book, available today.

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Quilters and Hand Stitchers, the fantastic new book: 350+ Quilting Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets, How to be better at what you do by Susan Briscoe is here and it is hot! Full of amazing pictures, ideas and information for all types and stripes of quilters. AND, I am a contributing artist! Two of my Art Quilts can be found in the pages of this all in one quilting bible. My Hand Stitch quilt Exuberant is in the Hand Quilting Section and my Brown Bird Folk Art Quilt is featured in the section on embellishments.

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Blackbird Embellished Patchwork Art Quilt

A sweet little blackbird created in free-motion machine stitch acts as a central figure in this art quilt. A colourful patchwork background in blue, teal, pink, orange and yellow is covered with lace and frayed cheesecloth (some of which is cut away) and embellished with hand embroidery stitches and buttons.

Choosing Colors for Crochet Granny Squares

When creating a granny square project in crochet, choosing colors can be a real challenge. Finding just the right shades to coordinate and compliment each other is an art in itself. In creating this throw blanket, my first color choice was the deep purple shade that would surround and highlight the daisy-like flowers. 

Expressive Abstract Landscape Painting

Three new abstract paintings to share, each focused on the expressive use of color and layers of texture. 
Cracks in the Concrete, a micro landscape, 6 X 6 X 1.5 inches, acrylic on canvas.

Silk and Lace Abstract Landscape Quilt

Sun and Soil is a new abstract stitched landscape combining strips of silk with ribbon and lace. Beautiful frayed edges of silk help to form the underground, greenery and sky. The lace at the bottom of the quilt was dyed a warm chocolate brown, mimicking rich soil. The deep green and burgundy silks of the earth are dotted with metallic and glass beads, representing seeds, sprouts and rocks. 

Painting the Abstract Landscape in Acrylic

I continue to explore the abstract landscape with four new paintings, all in acrylic on canvas. At 16 X 20 inches, Glade is the largest in this grouping. Using these vibrant colours was both exciting and challenging.

Mixed Media Bird Doodles with Lettering

A bird and a worm are front and centre in this mixed media art journal page. See the process from start to finish in this video, speed painting style.
Here's a close up of the bird and worm face to face...
And bold bright Kindness in graffiti style hand lettering.

Abstract Floral Wildflower Paintings

Three new semi abstract paintings inspired by flowers, specifically wildflowers that grow untamed in both rural and urban settings:
Motet, is a mixed media piece, 6 X 8 inches, created primarily in acrylic. It has so much texture which adds a wonderful grunge-y feel. And, this painting became the jumping off point for a new delicate floral pattern available from Redbubble:
Serenity Garden has a muted, faded background punctuated by bold blossoms in various shades of purple. Click the image to see this pattern and scroll down to see it on tote bags, mugs, pillows and more.

Peaceful Abstract Paintings

Three new abstract paintings, from mid-size to small, each inspired by peaceful walks in the woods and the calm to be found in nature.
Evening Glade, 12 X 12 inches in acrylic on canvas, is a semi-abstract painting inspired by tall ancient trees.