A Bricolage of Paint, Fabric and Colour

peaceofpi studio is the creative workplace of JoMo, a Canadian artisan creating abstract paintings and mixed media stitched art.

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Fiber Art and Stitch

Soft Sculpture

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Peaceful Abstract Paintings

Three new abstract paintings, from mid-size to small, each inspired by peaceful walks in the woods and the calm to be found in nature.
Evening Glade, 12 X 12 inches in acrylic on canvas, is a semi-abstract painting inspired by tall ancient trees.

Art Journal Birds and Books on Sketching and Painting

A peek inside my art journal shows what's on my mind. Birds. No Surprise!

Have a look at five pages from my mixed media journal followed by details on how they were created. As a bonus, I've included some book recommendations at the end of this post for learning or improving doodle-y sketchy paint-y skills.

Community of Figures Abstract Paintings

Check out this set of two abstract paintings, titled Community, created using layer upon layer of acrylic paint on stretched canvas. The paintings feature multiple figures, together, separate, yet united.

Corvid Hand Beaded Mixed Media Art Quilt

Corvid is a mixed media art quilt combining fabric, paper and paint. The raven is the painted element - painted directly onto the paper and fabric background on top of the stitching lines.

Folk Art Bird Doodles

Take a peek at a few doodles in my recycled book journal. Folk Art Birds are appearing out of the layers of colourful paint. On this first page, pink birds are hitching a ride on the biggest of the flock.

Hand Sewing a Soft Sculpture Bird

Burd is a soft sculpture with frayed fabric feathers. Simple hand sewing stitches secure each piece of tiny fabric in place and layers of uneven stitches round and round make the skinny fuchsia bird legs.

Solstice Abstract Beaded Landscape Art

Solstice is an abstract stitched landscape combining silk, ribbon and lace. With beautiful frayed edges of silk, the art quilt is embellished with hand beading. The colours are bright and sunny with touches of green for growth and life. It's part of the ongoing Silk Thread Series.

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