She Talks to Birds Mixed Media Painting

This painting of a sweet girl holding a little bird is titled She Talks to Birds (knowing they can hear).

Cloth Art Doll with Big Eyes

With green boots to match her big eyes, this auburn haired cloth doll sparkles with personality. She is handmade, first sewn together and then stuffed before adding her face, hair and funky clothes.

Friends Art Journal Painting

These girls are friends, ready for a day of fun in this art journal painting that is bright and colorful with a background of deep fuchsia pink, green, yellow and turquoise.

Crochet Granny Square Flower Afghan

Granny square afghans are great to crochet because they are created square by square, making them portable and easy to work on bit by bit. This blanket has 80 squares total making it a great mid-size throw.

Balloon Girl Art Journal Painting

Another mixed media art journal painting, Girl with a Balloon, is a tiny sketch created in pastel and paint on torn book pages. She is running free, balloon in hand, towards her dreams.

Colorful Play Journal Sketch

Play is an art journal sketch, both painted and drawn. Created quickly and playfully with a riot of color, the mixed media sketch shows a happy girl, carefree and ready to while the afternoon away.

Ducks, Fish and Ocean Paper Dolls

Two ducks happily float on the ocean as the fish jump and play.

Folk Art Elephant Love Painting

In bright colors, this folk art painting shows a touch of elephant love. A happy heart emerges as these pachyderm pals touch trunks. The painting is created in acrylic on wood. The elephant's colors are painted layer upon layer, making for some cheerful, playful elephant fun.

Bird and Ladybug Paper Dolls

These two birds with their ladybug friend are one of a kind paper dolls.

Pink Bird Stuffed Animal Softie

This little pink softie made of painted cloth is another addition to the a little bird told me series. She's a friend for the serious skeptic bird...

Crochet Pincushion

This colorful pincushion is made of yarn. Using a small hook and tight crochet stitches, it is created in the round in single crochet. The inside of the pincushion is filled with regular ployfil stuffing around a secret ingredient.

Green Bird Cloth Doll Softie

Made of cotton cloth, this stuffed bird doll is the first softie in the a little bird told me series. He takes everything with a grain of salt as his skeptical expression shows.

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