Library Girl Folk Art Painting

Books and Birds are the theme of this mixed media painting, In the Library. It's a playful illustration with a fun sketchy quality and a loose folk art style. The painting is created in multiple layers making use of pencils, watercolor, ink and even touches of acrylic paint.

This painting is live in my shop as a print and on cool items like a greeting card, notebook, tote bag and other decor.

With her bird friends in tow, this girl is searching the shelves, making use of the ladder, and maybe even making a bit of noise.

Felted and Stitched Budgie Birds

With a felted wool body and hand stitched feathers, this budgie is perched on a kilt pin. He is a yellow and green little bird, part of a new series of chubby stitched birds.

Art Prints, Stationery and Home Decor

This new painting, Enchanted Afternoon, is, along with several other of my paintings, available as a print. Woo-hoo! But wait! That's not all. Check this out:

Canary Bird: A Creative Play Acrylic Painting

While playing with paint, creating an abstract background full of colour, this canary appeared. Painting without a plan, adding layer upon layer with palette knife and brush, a woodland took shape. The bird was carved out of the abstract foliage, showing itself bit by bit. A result of unplanned creative play, this canary bird painting is a reminder to look deeper and follow my instincts.

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Warbler Bird Stitched Painting with Hand Embroidery

Inspired by Grace's Warbler, this bird painting in acrylic on canvas has hand embroidery details. Highlighting the bird's feathery body, tiny stitches are added here and there with a few additional bits of embroidery on the tree branch.

Gull in the Water Acrylic Bird Painting

This bird painting is loosely based on the Red-billed gull of New Zealand. It's created in acrylic on wood. Playing around with palette knife and brushes the background of water and rocks came to life. The choice of purple for the rocks was not an obvious one but it seemed to communicate an interesting mood. And the transparent nature of the bird body added a mysterious quality to this imaginary aquatic scene.

Fabric Designs Full of Colour and Birds Aplenty

This Orange and Yellow Woodland Owls fabric is part of my collection available at Spoonflower. Each design is unique, full of bright color and many feature birds.

Bird Art Quilt WIP in Hand Embroidery on Wool

Take a peek at this WIP (work in progress). All the components of this art quilt from background to bird and striped wing are felted wool.
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