Folk Art Elephant Love Painting

In bright colors, this folk art painting shows a touch of elephant love. A happy heart emerges as these pachyderm pals touch trunks. The painting is created in acrylic on wood. The elephant's colors are painted layer upon layer, making for some cheerful, playful elephant fun.

Bird and Ladybug Paper Dolls

These two birds with their ladybug friend are one of a kind paper dolls.

Pink Bird Stuffed Animal Softie

This little pink softie made of painted cloth is another addition to the a little bird told me series. She's a friend for the serious skeptic bird...

Crochet Pincushion

This colorful pincushion is made of yarn. Using a small hook and tight crochet stitches, it is created in the round in single crochet. The inside of the pincushion is filled with regular ployfil stuffing around a secret ingredient.

Green Bird Cloth Doll Softie

Made of cotton cloth, this stuffed bird doll is the first softie in the a little bird told me series. He takes everything with a grain of salt as his skeptical expression shows.

Red Duckling Bird Stitched Picture

With a textured background of fabric, thread and fiber, this stitched picture featuring a red duckling is the newest piece in the a little bird told me series.

Bird Quilt with Raw Edge Patchwork

Looking on the bright side of life, this bird character in fabric and stitch is part of a little bird told me series.

Drawing with Sewing Machine and Thread

Taking a drawing or painting and translating it into fabric and thread is challenging and delightful. This mini art quilt of a cheery brown bird is a rendition of the painting Happy Bird, part of a little bird told me series. Created with a sewing machine and thread instead of a paintbrush, it mimics the colors and mood of the original but in a new, fun and touchable way.

Sewing with Frayed Fabric and Raw Edges

This art quilt embraces sewing with raw edges, ragged fabric and loose threads. Part of a little bird told me series, this piece is by far the most untamed, frayed fabric and all.

Colorful Freeform Crochet Scrumble

Freeform crochet allows for lots of experimentation and creativity. This scrumble combines yarn in a few go-to colors normally reserved for paint and art quilting. The combination of colorful yarn and crochet stitches with plenty of texture makes for a cheerful little piece of crochet art.

Free-Motion Sewing Bird Feathers

Free-motion sewing creates feathers full of texture for this orange fellow, a thread art interpretation of the painting Jolly Bird.

Sewing a Background of Loose Threads

The latest addition to the a little bird told me series is a cheery pink character, a fabric and sewing interpretation of my Cheer Bird painting.
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