A Girl and a Bird Art Journal Painting

In my art journal practice recently I've been drawing girls, something I have only dabbled in previously. But more and more I'm drawn to the endless complexities of faces. In this painting, a purple haired girl is making a new friend, a little red bird.

The prompt for this art journal painting was paint like an 8 year old. So in that child-like mindset, I began by limiting my palette of colours. I kept the brush strokes loose and strove to not over-do details. I also limited my time to keep the painting from becoming overworked.

For her face I layered colours, keeping it loose and raw. Like an eight year old, I kept it simple and straightforward. And had fun in the process.

Ever think about expanding your drawing and painting skills? If so, I wanted to tell you about this incredible online course from willowing.org called Ever After. It uses Fairy Tales and Myths (with a twist) as the theme and it's taught by 12 different artists, each with their own process for painting and drawing the characters.
The course is comprehensive and lasts for four months (July to October). It has just started, and if you're interested, it's not too late to join. If you're even just a little bit curious, take a minute to watch the amazing promotional video where Tam of Willowing Arts (in her witch's hat) explains the course in detail. Just click the image above, navigate to the Ever After info page and scroll down a bit to find the video. It's magical and beyond delightful. Check it out!
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