Making Crochet Granny Squares

If you knit or crochet, how big is your yarn stash? Mine is slowly becoming smaller as I keep making Granny Squares.
Ideal for using up scraps of yarn, Grannies are quick and creative. My pile of squares is growing. What will happen with all these disparate squares? Eventually they will become blankets and throws, but for now, they are a beautiful stacked Granny Flower Garden.

When it comes to Grannies, the colour combinations and designs are endless. So crochet away I say!

Want more crochet goodness? Keep up to date on my newest Granny Squares and more crochet adventuring on my Instagram @teeandpie, click the logo below to go there.

Need more Grannies? Check out these specially curated book suggestions, full of enough Granny Square goodness to use up even the biggest baddest yarn stash.
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In the meantime, grab your hook and give it a go!
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