The Best Book for Hand Quilting and Embellishments

If you are a Quilter or Hand Stitcher or you want to be, check out the book: 350+ Quilting Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets, How to be better at what you do by Susan Briscoe. The book is full of amazing pictures, ideas and information for all types and stripes of quilters.

AND ~happy dance~, I am a contributing artist! Two of my Art Quilts can be found in the pages of this all in one quilting bible. My Hand Stitch quilt Exuberant is in the Hand Quilting Section and my Brown Bird Folk Art Quilt is featured in the section on embellishments.

Above is my art quilt, Exuberant. 
350+ Quilting covers all aspects and styles of quilting and has detailed advice and information on choosing equipment, preparing fabrics, colour confidence and more including working with quilt patterns, cutting skills, patchwork techniques, appliqué and embellishments and binding and finishing. Those are only a few of the topics covered. There is so much to learn and love in this book!  
Above is my Folk Art Bird Quilt in one of the many sections on the differing ways to add to and embellish fabric. Even if you only ever stitch by hand or are a die-hard machine fan, 350+ Quilting Tips is a great resource, and it's a perfect primer for hand stitchers and quilters of all levels. A handy all in one resource, I think the book will inspire and jumpstart creativity wherever it is found.

So grab a copy for yourself or a friend. I'm a big fan of everything about this book and also so honoured to be a contributor!

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