Crochet Purse, No Pattern Necessary

With a specific size and shape in mind, a crochet purse can be constructed without a pattern.
This purse was crocheted in the round from the bottom upwards. It began with a long chain joined end to end with a slip stitch to form a circle, then rounds and rounds were added until the desired bag height was reached. The bottom of the bag was closed by stitching together on the inside with a whip stitch.
The chained circle in the above picture is the perfect size to create a cell phone cover - for a bag or purse, the chained circle would simply be bigger. 
 The purse, bag or cover can be worked in single crochet, double crochet, or any number of stitch combinations. This ereader cover has a few different stitches, and just for fun a button was covered in crochet too. It's a great small project to let loose with creativity and experimentation.

New to crochet? Check out this beautiful modern guide
Beginner's Guide to Crochet by Sarah Shrimpton

With 20 small projects, this book is an ideal guide to get started in crochet.
There are so many possibilities with crochet, and there is always another ball of yarn just waiting to be transformed!

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