Purple Bird Thread Art Quilt

 Heavily stitched in multiple colors, Amethyst Fledgling is a thread art quilt featuring a purple bird surrounded by orange and yellow.

The art quilt is created on a base of needle felted fabrics and fibers. Layers of threads, both solid and variegated, are machine stitched in a thread painting style to create the dense multi-colored details.

The jagged edges and irregular shape of the art quilt contrast the regularity of the dense stitching lines, a reminder of the beauty of imperfection.

Inspiration for this piece is from Drawn to Stitch by Gwen Hedley.
In this sumptuous book the author takes a macro look at rocks, wood and nature and recreates what she sees as drawing and stitch. Contributions from other artists show the range of interpretations. This book is beautifully inspiring and a must have for textile artists. Check out Drawn to Stitch: Stitching, Drawing and Mark-Making in Textile Art and be inspired!
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