Bold Colorful Fabric Stitched Collage

Covered in simple hand embroidery stitches with outlining marks in black thread, this art quilt makes a cheerful statement. Created using torn pieces of fabric in bold solid colors, the piece is titled ├ža me rappelle Matisse because it reminds me of the cut-outs created by artist Henri Matisse (1869-1954).

It was not my initial intention. In fact it was only after stepping back to look at the initial stages of the collage that it occurred to me - the brightly colored fabrics on the black background have a similar feel to his bold paper collage pieces.
While the Matisse cut-outs have shapes with crisp edges, my piece has frayed and unraveled edges highlighting the medium - soft fabric and thread. The long and short lines of embroidery further emphasize that this is a textile work - more domestic and homey than high art, which sounds perfect to me.

Want more Matisse? There are some great books on his life and art. First off for the die-hard, the comprehensive volume, Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs
From the description, "[this] catalogue offers a reconsideration of the cut-outs by exploring a host of technical and conceptual issues: the artist's methods and materials and the role and function of the works in his practice..." And on a more hands-on note:

A hardcover coloring book, Color Your Own Matisse Paintings offers a playful opportunity to try on your own Matisse. It has 30 of his pieces in black and white to color in. Fun!

While my humble stitchery merely nods to Matissse, it shows how his work still ignites the imagination.

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